Who is Dan Maranan?
First some personal background; Academically, I have a degree in philosophy and religion, a master of art in religion, and a master of business administration. I am by no means a super genius nor a gifted writer (thankfully, my wife fits both of these descriptions). Deep down I strive to live a passionate and meaningful life...that is ultimately Christ-centered.

Why am I writing this site?
In January of 2006, one of my brothers who was three years older than I passed away suddenly. For those of you who have ever lost a loved one, this profound experience will forcibly trigger a reexamination of your own existence and cause a reframing of one's personal meaning and identity. This site is my response to that tragedy.

To whom is this site written?
You! Silly person. Honestly, this site is really written for my kids...and their kids and so forth. I have wondered many times what my forefathers have thought about certain subjects. Did they think like I do? What things shaped their thoughts? How did they perceive their existence? Professional philosophers and theologians offer the average Joe essay upon essay of rubbish that is too thick to digest. If I am correct, those who will follow me will want to find out their roots just as I do.

Below is an ever growing list of my thoughts. When you read some of the items below, you may notice that I don't expound on my thoughts. I do this to encourage the reader to think. People relate to to other via experiences and stories, not through a litany of statements.