People assume certain things either because of intuition or out of necessity. These assumptions provide the foundation for all of their lines of thinking. For example, if you assume that all people are good, you will tend to believe that people's actions are sincere and selfless. Generally most people assume that their five senses are a reliable test that something is real. This is another presupposition. Throughout my life, I have come to hold a number of presuppositions. These things I cannot prove with certainty, nor will I attempt to convince you the reader that these things are true.

First, I believe that human logic and thought are limited in many ways. We are limited by our irrational belief that we are superior to everyone around us (hubris). We are limited by our imprecise language. We are limited by our ignorance. We are limited by our experiences. Second, I believe in both the spiritual world and the physical world. Both of these require faith in my physical perception of reality and my spiritual perception of reality. I say faith because I do not think that it is logically necessary that my five senses perceive the real world. It is quite possible that my physical senses are perceiving an elaborate illusion. For the non-spiritual person, my spiritual perception of reality can best be understood as an 'intuition'.

Finally, I presuppose the existence of God. This may seem like an unreasonable position to both the theist and non-theist. I take this position because I think belief in God is both rational and irrational. Language is too limiting to demonstrate God's existence. Arguments against the existence of God are far too materialistic to provide a coherent world view.

The rest of my musings will not be as clear as this page. I write like this because the written word is too one-sided. People misunderstand too much of what is written.